Blackmail meaning. What to do when we are blackmailed.

Blackmail is associated with intimidation, and its perpetrators lack honor, something which blackmailers generally do not possess. Conversely, they are strongly determined to carry out threats, in order to get a response from the blackmail victim. If you are a victim, do not succumb to blackmail and do not sit idly by as the criminals take action. Contact the Prodetektyw detective agency today, which will quickly, discreetly and efficiently solve your blackmail problem.

What is blackmail – definition

We deal with blackmail when somebody wants to force us to behave in a certain way or restrain from such behaviour through intimidation or threats. Typically, blackmailers expect certain sums of money from the victim in order to keep silent, for “protection”, or for failure to comply with the threat. It is also common that they want to force us into a situation we originally had nothing to do about.

How to respond to blackmail attempts?

The first reaction to a blackmail attempt is usually fear, a rush of thoughts, and panic. This is quite understandable, especially when the blackmailer is not bluffing, but really knows our secrets and might possibly use them against us. First of all, it is worth asking yourself how long and whether it is really worth hiding them. Sometimes it’s better to just knock the gun out of the blackmailer’s hand, anticipating his actions.
Of course, we don’t want to admit to all life decisions, because an one-time infidelity could ruin a perfectly good marriage. Just like information about a pregnancy announced to the world too early, it could affect your professional career, or compromising photos which could cause a lot of confusion, etc.
In these and similar situations of blackmail, you should seek help from the professionals of the detective office. The discreet and professional activities of the detectives, supported by professional contacts and modern technologies, will inevitably lead to the abandonment of the blackmailer’s attempts.

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Why you cannot succumb to blackmail?

There is one fundamental reason why it is not worth succumbing to the blackmailer – he will probably never stop his practice. Once he gets the money, he’ll know he can blackmail us further, and he’ll certainly demand more. The belief that he will give up all the compromising evidence in exchange for a few wads of banknotes is fundamentally naive.
Additionally, in the era of universal digitization and cloud storage, there is no such thing as “all copies”. There is always something to be found somewhere, even on theoretically clean disks. Therefore, paying the blackmailer or complying with his other demands is pointless. A better solution is to dispose of it, of course within the limits of the law.

What are blackmailers?

The analysis carried out by our detective office shows that blackmailers are often people we know very well. They operate in a sophisticated way by making claims or by presenting false evidence. For example, they say that someone influential in a certain environment wants to get something specific thing from us, it could be in the form of money, information, or documents. That person suggests that we or our family are in danger of disclosing compromising materials (often fabricated). Then “our friend” comes to the rescue, who claims to know someone who can help us. So the game begins, which misleads us into trusting the blackmailer(s), thus achieving his/their goals.

What to do when a blackmailer threatens us?

In fact, the blackmailer always uses some kind of threat, but let’s focus on the long-term implications. Revealing secrets is just one of the considerations, but there are others.
It also happens that blackmailers want to lead to a situation in which we will be accused by the police or the prosecutor’s office about a felony we did not commit. Falsifying evidence and making false statements happens much more often than we might think. The problem is exacerbation, when third parties are involved. The noose is dangerously tightening, and we are left feeling helpless, because our word against the word of a few witnesses and fabricated evidence does not matter. Then it is worth considering where to report in the event of blackmail.

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Where to report blackmail?

Theoretically, the police should verify both evidence and testimonies and solve the case. In practice, the sheer volume of cases combined with staff shortages and pressure for results can cause them to rush a case and close it quickly without any solution. Certainly, more time is devoted to those that are under social and media pressure. Accuracy is very valuable here, because the media looks at the hands of the police. In other kinds of crime, this may not be the case, as a proof of evidence anyone can read reports of wrongful cases, sometimes even from many years ago.
In addition, all reported cases end up on the desks of police officers. The police have no right to refuse a report of a crime and must devote at least a minimum amount of time to each case.
However, our detective agency treats each case as a priority. Here, the strength of intentions is really measured, our private detectives approach the case fully professionally, and all information obtained remains confidential.

Why should you hire a detective agency when you are being blackmailed?

Blackmail, apart from its technical side, always means toying with emotions and emotions are never a good advisor. In addition, victims of blackmail usually have a stark lack of knowledge and experience about what to do.
A licensed detective agency has properly trained staff, professional equipment and very effective methods, while operating within the law. In addition, the client of the detective office can count on understanding and full discretion. Speed ​​of action is also important in our detective office, because in such cases time usually plays a major role.
We have high efficiency in solving cases, because a detective agency is not a single private detective, but a team of people ready to work in all conditions. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Have any questions? Are you a victim of blackmail?

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