Sexual blackmail

Virtual love on the Internet, meaning how not to be deceived and blackmailed.

More and more aspects of our daily life are shifting from the real world to virtual reality. Dating is no different. People who are looking for a significant other or someone with whom they could have a good time are often victims of people with bad intentions. Before you start dating online, read how to avoid falling into internet scammers and extortionists.

How to be safe during online dating?

There are so many dating sites and apps in the virtual world today that it would be difficult to count them all. People looking for their better half are also eager to use popular social networking sites. As shown by numerous studies on the phenomenon of social dating, a lot of people dating online , regardless of the type of website worry about being cheated.

Most often they combine anxiety with the fear of being rejected that’s why they lie about their age at social dating sites. Fear also concerns marital status or the fact of having a family. After all, no one would like to find out after a few meetings, that a person claiming to be a childless bachelor is in fact in the process of divorce and has two children. Undoubtedly, honesty from the beginning of the relationship gives a chance for a longer relationship and cheating by describing yourself most often ends it.

However, you hear more and more about other e-scams being attempted. A request for a transfer under the pretext of urgent need, for example payment of a fine or financial support after theft or an accident, is just an example of these scams. There are also marriage scammers who reveal little information about themselves, but want to get to know the other person very thoroughly. Most often they present themselves as people beaten down by fate, for example a widower with a child with whom he tries to attract single women to take over their property or systematically borrow money without any intention of return. Another frequently used method is posing as a businessman, encouraging a woman to invest her savings in a business idea that is never intended to materialize.
You can also meet stalkers and even blackmailers on dating sites. It is worth asking specialists for help in dealing with blackmail.

Blackmail on a dating site? Hire a private investigator

Falling into the trap of scammers when looking for love is one of the worst possible scenarios. To prevent the intimate details of a relationship, the affair which basically never goes beyond the virtual world, from reaching your family or colleagues, it is a good idea to hire professionals. Private detectives have already pulled many people that dated online out of trouble. A group of detectives worth recommending is the Warsaw detective agency Prodetektyw, which has already solved so many such cases and which guarantees full discretion and anonymity of its clients.

The pattern of blackmailers on portals and in dating apps is almost always the same. This situation applies not only to dating websites and applications, but also to social media, for example the popular Facebook. The victims are most often middle-aged women and men, whose material status encourages fraudsters to take actions that end in blackmail, considered a crime in Poland. The profile of a fraudster or scammer always presents an attractive person – a young woman or a middle-aged man. It is conducted in such a way as to attract the attention of the potential victim.

After a few non-binding, casual conversations to build trust, information about the victim is gathered. A blackmailer may ask about family and friends, the place of work or the way of spending free time. It is very likely that there will also be questions about the wife or husband or the person with whom the potential victim is in a constant relationship. Typically, the amounts reported by blackmailers range from the equivalent of US $ 200 to as much as € 40,000. That is why criminals often ask questions that make it easier for them to find out about the wealth of a potential victim, such as vacation plans, a workplace or a private car model.

The next stage of acquaintance via the Internet, which may last even for more than half a year, is a request to send a video with a visible face. The recording is the basis for blackmail for the criminal. He hopes that due to the confidential and sometimes even intimate nature of the recording, the blackmailed person will choose a transfer, and not the risk of notifying family, friends or employer about online dating. It is hard to believe a blackmailer that he will not put forward further demands after one transfer.

It is not easy to imagine a good solution for such a situation but the best way is to contact with the Prodetektyw detective office, for which the priority is to maintain discretion and anonymity of each client. The private detectives employed by the agency include former officers of elite police units who operate in Poland and all European Union countries.

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